Maymorn to Cross Creek

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Threaded through the Rimutaka Ranges, the second section is a journey into New Zealand's past.  Riders follow the old railway route, established in 1878 to connect the population centres with the rich farmland beyond.

Full of photo opportunities, the trail plunges through restored rail tunnels and crosses picturesque bridges spanning the Pakuratahi River. Through a mix of native bush and plantation forest the route is a moderate climb to Summit, followed by an entertaining downhill section which includes tunnels up to 584m long.

Riders pass through the old rail-yards and follow the descent path of the historic Fell Locomotive Incline.  Visit the museum in nearby Featherston to learn more about this triumph of Victorian engineering.

Riders emerge from the ranges at Cross Creek, into the wide-open expanse of the Wairarapa Valley.

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